TrueCode Ford Software Package (TCS + UFTC2 + UFTC3)

TrueCode Ford Software Package (TCS + UFTC2 + UFTC3)


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This TrueCode package includes TCS hardware and 2 software modules for Ford vehicles - UFTC2 and UFTC3.

TrueCode is the simple, no-nonsense, PC based key programming system by KeyProgrammers.

Originally developed for the European market almost ten years ago, TrueCode is a popular tool amongst vehicle locksmiths as there are no complicated menus to navigate; no monthly fees or pay-per-use token systems; no need for internet access during use; and free technical support.

The system is designed by a vehicle locksmith, for a vehicle locksmith. It is designed to be a cost effective tool in an increasingly competitive market, and one that works reliably. 

No internet connection needed - just plug in, switch on, and seconds later your key is programmed. No hidden extra costs, no monthly fees.


  • no monthly fees
  • no pay-per-use token systems
  • no need for internet access during use
  • free technical support

Please note that the email address for TrueCode Activation Requests has changed.  The new email address is


Erase/program keys for all models utilizing the mechanical, non-proximity key system up to when the new generation incode/outcode system was introduced on the model. No requirement for an existing working key.

Covers the following vehicles from 2005 - to approximately 2016:

Crown Victoria, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F150 (to approx 2013), F250, F350,

Five Hundred, Focus, Freestar, Freestyle, Fusion (to approx 2013), Mustang (to approx 2013), Ranger, Taurus. 

This module has instant security bypass on vehicles up to approx 2010, and on newer vehicles there is a ten minutes wait



This software will program keys and remotes into the newer Ford vehicles that are equipped with the newer Ford security algorithm.

Currently covers these vehicles from approximately 2013 to present: F150, Fusion, Mustang 

Bypasses all security and wait time.


How to download, install and setup the official TrueCode from KeyProgrammers:

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