The Diagnostics Box TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle



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This dongle is an accessory to TDB1000 Key Programmer


The TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle has been designed to make programming Volvo cars easy and simple.

Usually, Volvo vehicle key programming takes between 30 minutes to 5 hours depending on the system and model of the vehicle.

This is not a problem if the vehicle is in a workshop, but if the vehicle is lost keys and with a customer then waiting around for the key programming to finish is wasteful and means your key programming equipment is tied up while you wait.

Enter the TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle. This simple easy solution overcomes this by gaining the required security without having your equipment connected to the vehicle.

The TDB750 can be connected and left on the vehicle while you continue to program other vehicles with your TDB1000 Key Programming System, and you can even lock the vehicle and leave the dongle running and come back at a convenient time to you and your customer.

In some instances your customer can call you when the dongle has finished, as there is a bright clear GREEN LED light to show the device has finished.

All that is required once the TDB750 has finished is, connect the TDB1000 to the TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle and continue to program keys as you would normally.

The TDB750 even remembers the codes, so if the device is unplugged from that vehicle, as long as you do not connect it to another vehicle it remembers the information, so you can pop back later if needed to program the keys without the security wait time.

The TDB750 Volvo Security Dongle, making Key Programming Simple....The Diagnostic Box Team.


  • OBD connection to interface with TDB1000 ASSET Key Programming System
  • Clear RED and GREEN LED Indicators
  • Memory feature to remember the last vehicle security information
  • Enables device to be left connected to vehicle
  • No need to leave TDB1000 ASSET Key Programming System connected
  • Fully CE approved

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