The Diagnostic Box Nissan PIN Wizard Cable TDB005


$133.00 $149.00



A quick and affordable way for  the automotive locksmith to obtain the NISSAN PIN NUMBER needed to program transponder keys and proxes.

The TDB005 is a cable that plugs into the OBD and a connector to plug in to a programmer such as a T-Code , MVP Pro etc. When the programmer pulls the BCM LABEL the TDB005 will convert that label to the needed PIN. The PIN will appear on the TDB005 Screen. 

The TDB005 will work on 4 digit pin with unlimited use.

It will convert the new 20 digit pins 100 times!

At the end of those 100 uses it will still work for the 4 digit pin but no longer for the 20 digit pin.

PLEASE NOTE: doesn't work on Nissan Rogue!

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