SuperVAG VW Audi Key Programmer Kit



Communicate through OBD connector and makes it possible to read the PIN code (1999-) and component security (2006-) which is needed for the key programming.

This tool can program VW keys upto 2014 without any existing keys!  Use it in conjunction with the Miraclone to program 2011 & up UDS systems.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: includes SVG149 and SVG157 cables!

Handle keys smartly!
displays the imobilizer identification
displays the imobilizer DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) memory
erases the imobilizer DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) memory
displays of the actual immobilizer state (incl. info about blocked imobiliser after several invalid passwords)
PIN and component security reading
cooperation with Tango and other transponder programming tools
key programming
remote control signal checking
remote control programming
list of cars supported
Next features:
Smart recognition of and immobiliser type
new user friendly interface
more extensive dashboard database
heuristic analysis (PIN reading on unknown dashboards)


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