SuperVag Interface Upgrade from MultiPLEX 6i to 7i Version



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The new 2020 Supervag license upgrade will only work with Supervag units, interface 7i

PLEASE NOTE: THIS INTERFACE UPGRADE DOESN'T INCLUDE THE LATEST 2020 ANNUAL LICENSE. If you need the latest license, it can be purchased separately click here

If you have interface version 6i you will need to purchase this upgrade.

Please provide a serial number of your current Supervag 6i interface when placing the order.

The new interface device will be shipped to you directly from our warehouse. 


  The interface number located above the serial number


Please provide Serial number in order comments

Upgrade to the latest software that makes your diagnostic tools available with new features, faster speed, improved functionality, support for currently incorporated control units.

Please purchase one annual update for every year needed to make software plan current.

Please allow up to 3 business days for activation.

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