SPVG KEY - VW Audi Key Programmer Kit

SPVG KEY - VW Audi Key Programmer Kit



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SPVG KEY (formerly SuperVAG):

The SPVG (formerly SuperVAG) is a key programming tool that allows locksmiths to read PIN and component security, perform ODB diagnostics, check signaling as well as find out the identification, state and diagnostic trouble codes of vehicle's immobilizer. It works on VAG group vehicles, including VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda. It supports both K-Line and CAN type systems.

Supports vehicles from 1992 and up

  • VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT - models 1992 - 2000 (TP5 transponder)
  • VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT - models 2000 - 2003 (TP48 CAN / Megamos 48 crypto)
  • Models VW Polo, Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza up to year 2008 (TP48 CAN / Megamos 48 crypto)
  • VW, Skoda, SEAT - models 2003 - 2005 (pre-coded TP48 transponder)
  • Audi A3, TT - models 2003-2005 (pre-coded TP48 transponder)
  • VW New Beetle - models 2006 - 2009 (pre-coded TP48W transponder)
  • VW, Skoda, SEAT - models 2006 - 2009 ( except Touareg and Phaeton) (pre-coded TP48 transponder)
  • UDS NEC MODELS VW, Skoda, SEAT - models 2010-2018 (VAG UDS NEC)
    * depends on a facelift of appropriate vehicle model 
    (pre-coded TP48 transponder) - Flip keys and Smart keys
  • MQB MODELS VW, Skoda, SEAT - models 2013 - 2019 (USA 2018-) (TP48AES transponder)
  • Functions for transponder pre-coding and key learning (adding) function
  • Functions for learning remotes
  • Diagnostic functions
communication via USB and Bluetooth | a number of special and convenient features | Simple centralized control of the entire system | clear graphical reports and protocols | sophisticated help | integrated technical support


Functions for transponder pre-coding and key learning (adding) function:

  • Automatic recognition of the type of control units
  • Export and preparation of data for programming transponders
  • Safely identify and verify the PIN and security Component
  • View the status of the immobilizer
  • Key learning/adding
  • Erasing the trouble code memory

Functions for learning remotes:

  • Learning remotes
  • Remote signal test

Diagnostic functions to determine the vehicle status: 

  • Reading and erasing of trouble code memory of all control units
  • Automatic testing
  • Report on the state of the vehicle


SVG149 and SVG157 are specially designed add-on cables as a solution for all KEY lost situations without soldering.
CLICK HERE for more info about AKL and SPVG.

Direct key programming with SPVG KEY:

To add a key cannot be faster!
CLICK HERE for more info about Add A Key with SPVG

SuperVAG KEY set includes:

  • durable and practical case
  • USB interface adapter or Bluetooth
  • installation DVD
  • connecting cables
  • instruction manual

SPVG KEY – application
SPVG KEY – info leaflet

SPVG Youtube Channel

■ OS Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; ■ 2 GB RAM; ■ 10 GB Free disk space; ■ minimum desktop resolution 800 x 600 px; ■ desktop printer; ■ 1 port USB; ■ an antivirus program is recommended to deactivate before the installation of the product, and then restart the operating system. Always keep your antivirus software updated.

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