Silca Ilco PEAKS / BEST Clamp 07V for Futura Key Machines



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The new clamp 07V for the Futura line of machines to allow secure clamping of all current keyways for Kaba Peaks® and Best®.

The 07V clamp has a built-in tip stop to allow the user to easily clamp these keys. Jaw position E (BEST®) is designed for clamping Best® keys that have 0.150” spacing between cuts and can also be used for the Peaks® applications that utilize the 0.150” spacing. Jaw position F is used for the Peaks® systems utilizing 0.140”
spacing. Simply install the 07V in place of the 01V on your Futura machine.

The software on the Futura machine must be updated to allow use of the 06V clamp. Remember that the Futura machine must be registered to allow for software updates. To register a machine go to the Silca Futura Registration site:

Part Numbers: BJ1358XXXX D749960ZB

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