PRO-LOK Blue Punch Machine Schlage Classic BP201SC


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The Schlage Classic Blue Punch key machine is a dedicated key punch machine designed to provide factory original keys at the speed of a duplicator. The Blue Punch is fast, extremely accurate, and easy to use. The key machine is set up at the factory to provide automatic spacing and depth.

The Schlage Classic Blue Punch machine is designed to cut factory original keys. This machine cuts Schlage Classic (including I/C) keyways: Obverse Key Sections Only, C,CE, E, EF, F, FG, G, H, J, K,L (aftermarket L Blanks Only)

Primus – same key sections as obverse except a ìPî has been added To Keyway # (ie: CP, CEP, EP, Etc.)

Schlage Everest C key sections (I.E.C123, C124, C126, C135, C145… etc) (Including I/C)

Everest 29 S key sections (S 3 + digits)

Everest Primus – uses same names as Primus

Exclusions: Numbered Key Sections, Quad Key Sections, Reverse Key Sections, Everest B (B+3 Digits), Everest D (D+3 Digits)


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