Pomona 5250 SOIC 8 PIN Test Clip (To Use With Key Tool Plus, VVDI PROG, Orange 5, AR32)



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Pomona 5250 SOIC 8 PIN Test Clip is designed for in-circuit testing on Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC & SOJ). The SOIC Clip test clip assures a positive connection to all chip leads and provides hands-free testing.

  • Contacts at the top are .025" sq. pins, spaced at .100".
  • Perfect for wire-wrap or jumper leads.
  • Allow connections to be made on live boards without accidental shorting to adjacent chip leads.
  • Can be used on surface-mounted SOIC and SOJ chips with gull-wing or “J” leads and body width from .150" to .350" wide.
  • Gold plated bottom contacts for reliable, noise-free connections.


Can be used with:

AR32, Orange 5, VVDI Prog, Key Tool Plus


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