Original Lishi HU162 9-Cut Audi Volkswagen 2-in-1 Pick - IGNITION - Anti Glare


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Original Lishi HU162 9-Cut Audi Volkswagen 2-in-1 Pick - Anti-Glare

(Tool Spaces 4-9(+1-3)

2-in-1 Pick - IGNITION

Cross-Reference: HU162

This tool is designed to work on the ignition ONLY for vehicles equipped with HU162-9(3+6) door keyway, it allows a technician to remove the ignition after it was picked and turned.


Please Note: this tool comes with a verification label attached on the back of each tool. That will guarantee that you are getting tools that offer only the highest level of quality. Verifying your tools is the only way to insure that you are getting TRUE Original Lishi Tools quality and design.
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