Original Lishi 2-in-1 Pick For SC4 With Reversed Reading Pane For Right Hand Hinged Doors And Lever Locks With Horizontal Lock Cylinders - Anti-Glare



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Original Lishi 2-in-1 Tool SC4 for Schlage Locks - Anti-Glare

Tool Spaces: 1-6

This is a new tool in the popular series or residential and commercial picks and readers.

  • Only available through USA authorised dealers
  • Revolutionary Design
  • Pick and read SC4 6-Pin Keyway Locks
  • Anti-glare, premium grade
  • Only available to licensed Locksmiths

This tool is designed for experienced locksmiths and training is needed prior to using the tool.

Click Here to view A Step-By Step Guide on How to Properly Use Your Original Lishi Tools Residential 2-In-1 Pick

*even though these instructions are for KW1 tool, they will also apply to SC4



The tip of this tool was designed and engineered to pick and decode of narrow keyway.  Experience and extreme care are needed during operation.  The supplier may refuse the warranty claims if it is determined the breakage was cause by misuse or abuse. 



This tool works with any 6 pin lock using a SC keyway even if it has spool and master pins

Please Note: this tool comes with a verification label attached on the back of each tool. That will guarantee that you are getting tools that offer only the highest level of quality. Verifying your tools is the only way to insure that you are getting TRUE Original Lishi Tools quality and design.
Click Here to Download Original Lishi Tool Verification Flyer

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