OCTOKEYS GM 10 Cut Laser Key Origination System - Try-out Set of 64 Keys


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Make a key to GM 10 Cut Laser Keys in just a few minutes!

Octokeys is a QUICK and SIMPLE solution for originating a key on the HU100 GM 10 cut system.

The tumbler locations in this system contain spaces 5 to 10 in the door.
The ignition has spaces 1 to 7.
The OCTOKEYS system contains 8 rings that have 8 keys each on them. Total of 64 keys.

These 64 keys are divided into two groups of 32 keys.
Each key has a different number stamped on each side of the head.

The DOOR/IGNITION SET has 32 keys. (#2-#65) 4 sets of 8 keys
The IGNITION SET has 32 keys. (#66-129) 4 sets of 8 keys

OCTOKEYS can be also used TO OPEN DOORS on many newer GMC/Buick/Chevy/Cadillac PROX SYSTEMS.

Please note: The Ignition lock on the 10-cut system is BLACK in color.

How does it work:
You simply try each key from the DOOR LOCK SET in the door lock until you find one that turns BOTH:



The Vehicles below USE the 10 Cut V Series codes:
Buick Cascada 2016-up
Cadillac ATS 2013-2014
Cadillac ELR 2014
Cadillac SRX 2014-2016
Cadillac XTS 2013- up
Cadillac ATS 2015 - 2019
Cadillac CTS 2014- up
Cadillac Escalade 2015- 2020
Chevy Express 2015-2019
Chevy Corvette 2014- up
Chevy Silverado 2014-2019
Chevy Suburban 2015-2019
Chevy Tahoe 2015- up
GMC Sierra 2014- up
GMC Yukon 2015-Up
GMC Canyon 2015
GMC Savana 2015-2019

The list below are cars that take Strattec door locks with only 6 tumblers. 
You can use your OCTOKEYS for these door locks:
Cadillac ATS 2013-2019
Cadillac CTS 2016-2019
Cadillac CTS 2014-2019
Cadillac ELR 2014-2017
Cadillac Escalade 2015-2019
Cadillac XT3 2019
Cadillac XT4 2020
Cadillac XT5 2016-2020
Cadillac XTS 2013-2019
Chevy Blazer 2019-2020
Chevy Camaro 2017-2020
Chevy Colorado 2015-2021
Chevy Equinox 2017-2021
Chevy Malibu 2017-2021
Chevy Silverado 2014-2021
Chevy Suburban 2015-2021
Chevy Tahoe 2015-2021
Chevy Traverse 2018-2021
Chevy Volt 2017-2020
GMC Acadia 2017-2021
GMC Canyon 2015-2021
GMC Sierra 2014-2021
GMC Terrain 2018-2021
GMC Yukon 2015-2021

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