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Miraclone Eeprom Package 2-14 Suzuki & Subaru Cars Software



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Miraclone Eeprom Package 2.14 Suzuki & Subaru cars

This kit will generate transponders with use of immo dump for the following modules:

106. Suzuki immobox Mitsubishi

108. Suzuki ECU Denso

115. Subaru immobox Mitsubishi

124. Subaru immobox Mitsubishi type 2

174. Suzuki Liana immobox ID:46

175. Suzuki Liana immobox ID:66

207. Suzuki immobox Mitsubishi type 2

248. Subaru immobox Mitsubishi

281. Suzuki ECU

290. Suzuki ECU

309. Subaru immobox Denso

341. Suzuki Grand Vitara immobox Texton

356. Subaru BCM with Mitsubisho box

365. Suzuki BCM ID46

372. Subaru Smartkey unit Denso

381. Suzuki Immo Calsonic Kansei

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