Miracle Engraving Jaw & Cutter CP-107 For A9/A9P/A9S/A9-EDGE



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Key Marking Clamp (CP-107)

Includes the Cutter for the Jaw: T60-MC00-45

With these new tools, you can engrave on a blank metal key with the Miracle A9


With this feature, only electrically conductive metallic material piece can be used. Because the Miracle A9 can measure the material thickness by electrical flow, the thickness of the key is measured automatically. So you can't use aluminum anodized keys or plastic keys and other non-conduce materials. 


V-cutter (T60-MC00-45)

Total length: 40mm

Shank diameter: 6mm

Vise: Key marking clamp (CP-107)

Max. Engraving Area (X)20*(Y)23 mm


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