Mazda 3 Button Remote Flip Key BGBX1T478SKE125-01 CC43-67-5RYC


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Mazda Remote Flip Key for select Mazda vehicles- refurbished

2006-2015 Mazda 5
2011-2015 Mazda 2
2011-2015 Mazda 3
2007-2013 Mazda CX-7
2007-2015 Mazda CX-9

*Note: must match FCC ID number with the original remote key

Onboard Programming: Yes

PLEASE NOTE: refurbished condition keys come in aftermarket shell - WITHOUT logo

3 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Panic
FCC ID: BGBX1T478SKE125-01

Remote cross reference part # CC43-67-5RYC, BBM4-67-5RY

Flip Head cross reference part # G2YA-76-2GXB

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