Lock Monkey MK380 12-in-1 Residential/Commercial Key Decoder



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12-in-1 Residential/Commercial Key Decoder
Part: MK380

12-in-1 useful tools for residential/commercial locksmithing:

  • Kwikset Key Gauge (KW1/KW10/KW11)
  • Schlage Key Gauge (SC1/SC4/SC7/SC8/SC9/SC10)
  • Yale Key Gauge (Y1,Y2)
  • Arrow Key Gauge (AR1,AR4)
  • Weiser Key Gauge (WR5)
  • Master Key Gauge (M1)
  • Weslock Key Gauge
  • SFIC A2 Key Gauge (Best/Arrow/Falcon Small Format IC Core)
  • Kwikset C-Clip Manipulation Tool (A)
  • Schlage F-Line C-Clip Removal Tool (B)
  • Retaining Pin Depressor (C)
  • Universal C-Clip/E-Clip Removal Tool (D)


  • Made with 1/16" thick steel to provide extremely high durability
  • Laser cut provides higher tolerances and more accuracy
  • Laser engraved markings will never rub off
  • Slim shape to easily fit in your existing tool kit
  • Dimensions: 2.25"W x 6.5"H

Replaces Schlage 40-140 Key Gage, pin depressor from M504-310

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