Lock Monkey MK200 Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool



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Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool - Opens commercial doors in just 10 seconds!
Part: MK200

Cross-Reference: Keedex K-22 (K22)

The Under-the-Door Lever Opener Tool is simply the fastest and easiest way to open commercial levers. Having this tool will make you feel joy ever time you see your lock pick call involves a commercial lever. Learn how to do it right and you'll open that door in less than 10 SECONDS! The only thing that should prevent you from opening that door is if there is something behind the door stopping you from sliding the tool in, or sometimes if there is a lot of the customer's belongings hanging on the interior lever.

How it works:

On the outside of the door, find and remember
the spot on the bottom of the door that you
will use as your pivot point to grab the lever.
TIP: A piece of painter’s tape is great for this.
Slide the tool all the way under the door
at your pivot point and then lift it up
completely until the tip touches the door.
TIP: Listen for it to hit the door near your head.
While being careful to not move away from your
pivot point, tilt the tool over until it falls onto
the lever handle. TIP: Keep in constant contact
with the door as you tilt it (scrape the door).
Pull the cable straight back to pull the handle
down on the inside of the door and then push
the door open. TIP: Keep pressure against
the door with your knee and it will open.

*As long as you can slide it under the door and there is nothing hanging on the inside door handle, this should be an extremely easy, fast, and straight-forward door opening. 


View it in action:

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