Lock Monkey MK100 Premium Set of 6 Plug Followers



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Premium Set of 6 Plug Followers

Part: MK100

The 6-Piece Follower Set may be used for rekeying almost any pin tumbler lock. The set is comprised of 6 differently colored followers to instantly know which tool you need without having to hunt through them all.

Set Includes:

  • Green Standard Plug Follower (MK110)
  • Blue Rim Cylinder Plug Follower (MK120)
  • Black Standard Plug Follower with Cap Remover (MK130)
  • Red Compact Master Pin Plug Follower (MK140)
  • Grey Large/Oversized Plug Follower (MK150)
  • Gold Small Pin & Peanut Plug Follower (MK160)


  • HPC SUT-47
  • HPC SUT-14
  • HPC SUT-14B
  • Lab LFT005
  • Pro-Lok LT370
  • Pro-Lok LT371
  • Pro-Lok LT371-395
  • Pro-Lok LT371-495
  • Pro-Lok LT371-500
  • Pro-Lok LT371-555

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