Lock Monkey Lock Hardware Finish Ring - 12 Sample Pack



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This finish ring is a necessity for any locksmith doing residential/commercial business. It's still not possible to print accurate photos of colors and textures, so having real samples for your customers is important.

  • Helps your customers choose their hardware
  • Helps you make an exact match to your customer's existing hardware
  • Avoid expensive returns and disappointed customers

Includes one sample of each of the following, all held together with a flexible, adjustable ring:

Description BHMA Code US Code
Bright Brass 605 US3
Satin Brass 606 US4
Antique Brass 609 US5
Satin Bronze 612 US10
Oil Rubbed Bronze 613 US10B
Satin Nickel 619 US15
Antique Nickel 620 US15A
Bright Chrome 625 US26
Satin Chrome 626 US26D
Bright Stainless Steel 629 US32
Satin Stainless Steel 630 US32D
Aged Bronze 716 US11P

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