LKP-02 PRO Universal Cloning Transponder Chip



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The LKP-02 PRO chip has stronger antenna and it is more reliable then its predecessor.

Carbon Chip LKP02 LKP2 For cloning 4C, 4D and "G" Chips.

Can be used with Tango and Miraclone cloning devices.


LKP-02 supports 4D-60/61/62/63(40bit/80bit)/64(4E), Chrysler/65/66/67/68/69/70/70E, 4C,Toyota G chip 

This chip can be used to either generate new transponders with the Tango & Miraclone or to clone original keys.


You may need to hold the transponder to the ignition during the programming procedure as the antenna strength may not be as strong as some glass chip (this usually is the case with Ford vehicles) Make sure that you have a shell that keeps the transponder as close as possible to the ignition.

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