KEYSENTIALS Bundle with Soldering Accessories and EEPROM Reader


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This bundle was custom-built by our tech experts and has all the necessary tools and accessories that you will need to get you into the Automotive EEPROM Field at an advanced level.  This bundle includes Soldering/Desoldering Equipment and an Eprom Programming Device with related accessories.  All you would need is to add the Transponder Manipulation Device of your choice (Tango, MiraClone, ETC) and you are off to the races. 

Contents of the bundle:
  • EWS4 adapter
  • EWS3 adapter
  • SOP8 Programing Clip
  • Bosch ECU Adapter
  • Soldering Station
  • Rework Hot Air Station
  • Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
  • Desoldering Vacuum Suction Pump
  • Circuit Board Holder
  • Flux Dispensing Pen
  • Silicone Work Mat
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Anti-Static Bracelet
  • High Precision Tweezers
  • Solder Wire

Bundle Value: 
Special Offer: $899.95

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