Keyline B7002 Clonable Key Kit

Keyline B7002 Clonable Key Kit

SKU: KL-B7002


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Clonable Key Kit

Features: Compact key kit; reusable and refillable

Capacity: 12 slots for heads, blades, keys or FOB’s

Dimensions: 10-1/2” x 6-1/2” x 2”

Weight 1 lb.

 Kit contains:
(3) B97-PT5 GM
(3) B99-PT5 GM
(3) PT04-PT5 GM
(3) HD106-PT5 Honda
(2) HO01T5 Hondqa
(2) B103-PT5 GM
(2) MAZ24RT5 Mazda
(2) NSN11T2 Nissan
(1) HU66T5 Porsche
(1) YS15TK1 Dodge Sprinter
(1) HU46T2 Cadillac Catera

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