Keyline B106 Meta Semi-Automatic Duplicator Key Cutting Machine For Edge-Cut Keys

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The 106 semi-automatic is a heavy-duty, quality duplicator and features several upgrades such as built-in chip tray, magnifying glass, jaw locking mechanism and independent brush button and light switch.

  • Microswitch activation with improved spring loaded carriage design, ergonomic handles and smooth balanced operation;
  • Four-way reversible jaws securely clamp residential, commercial, padlock and automotive keys including single and double sided versions;
  • Heavy-duty cast iron body dramatically reduces vibration and noise improving both cut consistency and cutter life;
  • Micrometric tracer adjustement for quick, easy and accurate depth calibration;
  • Redesigned cutter blade features a steeper angle cut to better cut specific keys like Titan, Best and older style GM keys;
  • Also available in a carbide cutter version.

106 Meta is designed for:

  • security professionals who cut commercial, residential, padlock and edge cut automotive keys
  • users who want a precise, sturdy machine with four-way reversible clamps and additional safety and convenience features

Technical Data:

Power supply: 110V/60Hz
Lighting: Neon
Jaws: 4-sided
Motor: Asynchronous, one speed, 0.25 KW
Cutter: HSS ø 3.14”
Cutter Speed: 640 rpm (1400 rpm-carbide cutter version)
Brush: Tynex
Dimensions: 18” x 15” x 17”
Weight: 55 lbs.

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