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Just Auto is a package with Automotive codes. This software translates key codes into bittings (it does not provide key codes from a vehicle's VIN).

Please note:  can take up to 24 hours before this add-on option will be available for use

Add-on options available: 

About InstaCode:

InstaCode's range of search criteria

  • Searching by code
  • Manufacturer
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Card number
  • Key blank reference, key type etc

Key cutting information for...

  • Framon
  • Curtis
  • A1
  • Ilco Universal II
  • HPC Blitz (1200cm)
  • HPC 1200 Punch

Compatible with a wide range of key cutting machines; both electronic, and manual:

  • Bianchi 883
  • Bianchi 993
  • Bianchi 994
  • Keyline 884 Decryptor ultegra
  • Keyline Dezmo
  • Keyline Versa
  • Keyline SigmaPro
  • Keyline Ninja
  • Keyline Ninja Laser
  • Silca Unocode Version I, II, 299 and 399's
  • Silca QuattroCode
  • Silca Triax E.Code
  • Silca Triax QuattroCode
  • Silca Viper
  • Silca Futura (unlocked by Silca)
  • Ilco EZCode
  • Ilco UltraCode
  • ITL 9000 and 950
  • HPC Blueshark
  • HPC CodeMax
  • Ilco Orion ECM 200
  • JMA ProCode
  • JMA XCode
  • Miracle A4
  • Miracle A6
  • Miracle A9

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