InstaCode Software Add-On Option - Find Bitting/Wafer Swapper - 12 Months



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The Find Bitting feature is the locksmith's silver bullet! Often referred to as the 'Fill' feature, InstaCode will search through an entire code series for the matching codes when given any number of the known cuts! This is a 'must have' for any locksmith who makes keys for vehicles. The feature enables the creation of keys which will operate all the locks on a vehicle without the need to disassemble every lock! An advanced feature of this allows for the searching of 'one up also' depths; searching for two possible depths in a position. This is perfect for use with lock readers/decoders. Even when multiple keys can operate the known cut, the Find Bitting feature will generate a 'Cutting Tree'. The 'Cutting Tree' is a list of the possibly correct keys, sorted into an order that minimizes the number of key blanks that need to be used to cut and treat every possible key combination.



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