Infiniti G35 G37 Q60 G25 Proximity Remote KR55WK48903 | 285E3-JK65A


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Genuine Infiniti Proximity Remote

Insert Emergency Blade is included

Part # 285E3-JK65A, 285E3-JK62A, 285E3-JA05A, 285E3-JA02A

FCC ID: KR55WK48903

IC: 267T-5WK48903

Continental: 5WK49672

315 MHz


2007-2008 Infiniti G35 (4-door)
2008-2012 Infiniti G37 (2-door)
2009-2014 Infiniti G37 (4-door)
2011-2012 Infiniti G25
2014-2014 Infiniti Q60

Note: Please make sure that the part number or FCC ID match the original remote for the vehicle. This information may be listed in the owners manual.

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