Infiniti 4 Button Proximity Remote KR55WK49622 285E3-1CA7A



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Infiniti Proximity Remote Smart Key 4 Button

2013 Infiniti FX37
2014-2017 Infiniti QX70

Note: Please make sure that the part number or FCC ID match the original remote for the vehicle. Also, make sure that the original remote had the same number of buttons on it.

Alternate FCC ID KR55WK48903 can be used in pace of the original FCC ID: KR55WK49622

Emergency insert blade is included

FCC ID: KR55WK49622
OE# 285E3-1CA7A
Continental: 5WK50315
315 MHz

Condition Notes:

  • REFURBISHED-A Grade refurbished keys and remotes are in a very good condition with minor signs of wear. They might come in new aftermarket shell without original logo
  • REFURBISHED-B Grade refurbished keys and remotes will have visible signs of wear, like scratches or scuffs

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