Ilco GTH Multi Transponder Head Cloning

Ilco GTH Multi Transponder Head Cloning



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GTH Multi Transponder Head for use with the Ilco Modular Key System.

The GTH head is compatible with the RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus and Plus Box units. 

  • No Battery, no circuit board
  • Contains GTI transponder
  • Fits existing Ilco Modular System Key Blades
  • One head allows cloning of both TI and Phillips Crypto
  • Can be pre-coded (using TRP Setting Program) to emulate 14 different transponders
  • Utilizes security that protects against potential illegal cloning
  • Smaller than previous clonable heads; closer in size to original keys

It supports cloning of TI and Philips Crypto transponders found in transponder keys such as B111-PT, B121-PT, Y170-PT, Y164-PT HD111-PT, HO03-PT, NI04-PT, MIT16-PT, MIT17A-PT and more. 

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