ILCO CHIPOLO Classic Key Finder - Pre-Loaded Display


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Searching for misplaced items such as your keys, phone, or purse is a waste of valuable time and could be very costly. 

Chipolo Classic is an easy solution to keeping track of your keys, purse, bookbag, cell phone, and other important personal items.

CHIPOLO Classic POS6 Pre-Loaded Display:

Preloaded with 6 individual Chipolo units; each packed in an attractive box. Each box includes easy to follow, consumer-friendly instructions.
The display contains 2 black, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, and 1 yellow.

Display Dimensions: 9.84” (250mm) x 5.51” (140mm) x 9.05” (230mm)

Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Simply download the free Chipolo app
2. Attach Chipolo to your item
3. Ring Chipolo from your phone app to locate your misplaced item
Chipolo can also find your phone… even if it’s on silent! Just double click the Chipolo device and listen for your phone to ring.

• When misplaced becomes LOST, the Chipolo community can help with the “lost item” locater. Whenever another active Chipolo user passes within range, the app will send a message to the owner of the lost item letting them know where it was last located.
• To expand the possibilities, Chipolo devices may be shared between app users.
• Ring Chipolo handsfree by using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or with Siri
• Chipolo can be heard over surrounding noise. Rings at 92db.
• Selfie feature, use Chipolo to take a picture from your phone
• CR2025 battery is quick and easy to replace
• Compact and lightweight at 1.385” X 0.2” (35mm x 5mm) diameter and weighs
only .24 oz (6.8g)
• 5 popular colors available: Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow
• Need help? Live customer support provided directly to you from Chipolo.

Download: Chipolo Brochure

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