96bit ID48 Authorization for Xhorse VVDI2 and Key Tool

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VVDI2 / Key Tool Authorizations

ID48 Cloning Option is included with the VVDI2, however it requires additional purchase of authorization for non-CAN ID48 transponders and CAN ID48 transponders.

96bit 48 Copy (with original key)

VVDI2 and Key Tool:

96bit 48 Copy is used when there is an original 48 key available. With this authorization you will be able to copy information from the original key without connecting to OBD. 

96bit 48 Copy supports 2002-2017 VAG 48 transponder vehicles. It doesn't work for vehicles with smart key system. 


  • 96BIT-48 authorization 
  • KeyTool must have software V1.2.5 (2017-2-23) or later*
  • ID48 Chip (purchase separately: SKU: XH-48)
  • If using VVDI2, requires emulator (purchase separately: SKU: XH-XDV205EN)
  • 100 points (or 1 token)*
Please note: 
  • If you are using the Keytool, you don't need the emulator to clone any 48
  • If you are using the VVDI2 - you will need the emulator to clone 96 bit 48 


    Please Note: For those customers that have both VVDI2 and a Key Tool, it is recommended to add these authorization to their VVDI2 and then bind their Key Tool to the VVDI2.  If you buy these functions for your Key Tool and then want to add them to your VVDI2 later there is a 250.00 fee, no exceptions.  

    Please provide your VVDI2 serial number when placing and order

    *Visit our Downloads page to get the latest software

    **FREE 1500 points will be included with activation

    *One calculation takes 100 points or one token



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