HPC LHR-100 Lever Handle Remover



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Lever Handle Remover
Part: LHR-100

HPC’s Lever Lock Handle Remover is designed to quickly remove locked lever handles for servicing. It is ideal when picking the lock is not an option. You simply place the tool’s specially designed hub over the lever, and using a simple procedure of manipulating a few bolts and screws you are able to remove the handle, open the door, and service the lock. It is designed for use on Grade 1 and Grade 2 leversets that have a retaining pin that extends into a hole in the lever shank.
Simple to use with amazing results!

HPC Lever Handle Remover is the easiest way to remove most Grade 1 and Grade 2 levers without damage. 

Heavy-duty plastic construction will not mar the handle Simple Installation
Fast Operation Amazing results


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