HPC AG-1 Tubular Lock Drill, Standard Size


$41.61 $42.16

Tubular Lock Saw
If picking is not possible, lock-outs of tubular key locks can still be serviced. These hole saws destroy the pins at the shear line. Hole saws are available for standard and oversize keyways. Saws will fit any 1/4" (6.35mm) electric drill. Saw life is approximately 3 openings.

Not for use on locks with hardened pins or ball bearings in the keyway.

Standard Size Saw AG-1
Standard Size Tool and Extra Saw for .375" (9.53mm) Diameter

How it works:

  • The Tubular Lock Saw easily installs on any quarter-inch drill
  • Effortlessly, drill the pins to the shear line
  • Once the lock is drilled, use a blank key to turn the cylinder

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