HPC 1200CMBX Extreme Blitz Key Code Cutting Machine - DS


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The Extreme Blitz is ideal for a new locksmith, a second shop or a new van. Perfect for the locksmith who wants it all! It comes with 3 cutters, an expanded deck of 175 code cards, the Tubular Key Adapter Kit (No. TKA-CMB) and the Blitz™ Calibration Kit (No. CMB-CK). Plus, get FREE software when you register your Extreme Blitz.


This revolutionary code milling machine has made all others obsolete and is now the "Standard of the Industry." The Blitz is very simple to use and extremely versatile.  It cuts by actual manufacturers' depths and spaces. There is no need to convert to micrometer readings. With its rotating cutter head, the Blitz can make high-security angle cuts.

With optional accessories, the Blitz can cut flat steel keys, Medeco, Biaxial, Schlage Primus, as well as other specialty keys.
This machine cuts accurate keys by code quickly and easily. This dramatic code cutting advancement is made possible through the use of code cards, which are inserted in the code machine.  These cards have depth and space indicators, plus all the pertinent information such as cutters, jaws, code series, blanks and any special information you may need.
Key Features:
  • This Machine can cut Automotive, Commercial, Residential, High Security, Flat Steel, Tibbe and Tubular Keys, Optional accessories may be necessary
  • Code Cuts High Security Angle keys
  • Electronic Safety Gauge Switch
  • Pinpoint Needle Accuracy
  • High-Performance Motor
  • Double-sided jaws
  • Revolutionary Code Card System
  • Motor:                   120VAC (1/6hp, 6.5amps)
  • Weight:                 34 lbs
  • Machine Size:      12”W x 14” D, x 9” H
 Accessories Included
  • 150 Code Cards with a Binder
  • Horseshoe and Red Tip Stop
  • Brass Plated Key Shim
  • 3 Wrenches
  • CW-14MC Cutter Wheel (100 Degree)
  • CW-1011 Cutter Wheel (90 Degree)

Additional Accessories included with Extreme Blitz™
  • CW-47MC Cutter
  • TKA-CMB Tubular Adapter Kit
  • Code Card Deck* CMB-CK Calibration Kit
  • DECK-25 Code Cards
Additional specialty code cards, cutters and adapters are available separately.
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