Goldcar BMW Mini Cooper ELV Emulator

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Quickly solve problem ELV module problems with the BMW Mini Cooper ELV Emulator!

Remove the 4-pin connector from your ELV, attach the connector to the emulsifier, and start the vehicle.

• Works with E60, E87, E90, Mini Cooper, and so on.

• Emulates the ELV (steering lock module).

• Plug and Play - no additional programming required. In some cases, you should clean the CAS fault memory and the counters with the diagnostic tool. If connected correctly, the LED lights up once (but flashes five times if there is a problem). The CAS is accessing the ELV (locking and unlocking commands, etc.).

You should remove the error codes with the diagnostics tool.

* General Instructions

1. Make sure the steering wheel is unlocked and the car is running (if not, reset the CAS counter)
2. Remove the 4-wire connector from the steering wheel column
3. Locate cable 1 from the wiring harness connector or steering column connector
4. Connect your wiring harness connector (black 4-wire connector) to the Emulator, so that it matches pin 1 on pin 1 emulator in your wiring harness.
5. It is best to secure the connector so that it is not loose and is in good contact with your wiring - Best soldering!

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