Genuine Lishi 8 Cut Tibbe Decoder for Jaguar


$81.00 $90.00


Genuine Lishi 8 Cut Tibbe Decoder for Jaguar designed on the same principal as the 6 cut Tibbe using the same style of turners, and there are 8 turners with 3 heights instead of the standard 6 turners with 4 heights. 

 The 8 cut is described as a decoder, and is ideally used with a make up key or a cut to code new key.


*Please note, you are purchasing the Genuine Lishi 8 Cut Tibbe Decoder only. The tool comes enclosed in a box that is part of the NightVision tray system and doesn’t include any extras (i.e. make up keys).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If this tool is used in the ignition lock, there is a chance it may become stuck behind the dust shield. Do not use this tool in ignition locks if you are unsure of how to remove it again.  


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