Ford 2013 (for Pro Level only) ADS-209 ADS2209 Software for T-Code & Smart Pro

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Ford 2013 (for Pro Level only)

ADS209, ADS2209

FORD 2013 USA - ADS209

  • Manufacturer:Ford
  • Category:A
  • Depandant Software:ADS100, ADS172, ADS175
  • Key Programming:Yes
  • Remote ProgrammingYes
  • PINCODE Reading:N/A
  • Cables/Dongles Required:
    Dongle G (ADC160), Dongle L (ADC177), ADC250
  • Application:

    ADS209 software has been developed to program new FORD 2013-2014 models with keyed ignitions (bladed keys) & intelligent access systems (proximity key, push button start).

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