AR32 Eeprom Reader Locksmith Kit #2

AR32 Eeprom Reader Locksmith Kit #2



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LOCKSMITH KIT#2 includes everything you need to work with 8 pin EEPROMs and microcontrollers found in immobilizers and ECUs. Kit#2 is designed for the locksmith who wishes to work with the more advanced technology of microcontroller EEPROM. Microcontrollers are found in immobilizers such as the BMW EWS and TOYOTA DELCO ECU. Kit#2 allows you to work with all 8 pin EEPROMs and microcontrollers in-circuit (soldered to the board). You may also work with eeproms which have been removed (unsoldered) from the module using the optional OUT-OF-CIRCUIT clamshell adapter (#ASOIC8S). The kit includes the programming unit (#AR-32A) with software, the In-Circuit EEPROM adapter (#ASERSM1A), the microcontroller adapter (#ACOM2), the surface mount chip clip (#ASOIC8), the surface mount probe set (#SMP8), a Toyota/Lexus synchronization block (required to synchronize the immobilizer to the ECU), Honda/Acura RED and BLACK keysplus the hands-on tutorial with locksmith librarian applications.

Please note: AR32 requires 32 Bit Windows XP computer with a Serial Port. see PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK CF-29 

What is the difference between AR32 KIT #1 and KIT # 2:

KIT # 2 includes ACOM2 which is an HC05 Adapter for reading HC05 Processors

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