Miraclone EEPROM Landrover Sawdock Software - Package 2-21



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eeprom package 2-21 Landrover Sawdock

MiraClone MIE021 - Land Rover and MG - Package 2.21

For Land Rover and MG.

The package allows you to code keys for the Land Rover Freelander Sawdock unit used around about 2002.
It also lets you code new remotes to the Pektron unit on Rover and MG from around about 2004 to when they stopped making cars.

This kit will generate transponders with use of immo dump for the following modules:

299. Land Rover immobox Sawdoc

308. MG Pektron SCU

406. Range Rover Immobox ID46 Lear

423 Land Rover Freelander ECU Delphi

424 Volvo Cem Delphi

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