MiraClone EEPROM Italian Motorcycles Software - Package 2-12



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eeprom package 2-12 Italian motorcycles

MiraClone MIE012 - Italian Motorcycles - Package 2.12

For Italian Motorcycles (European)

This kit will generate transponders with use of immo dump for the following modules:

84. Kawasaki bikes ECU

94. Ducati bikes dashboard Marelli

100. Ducati bikes dashboard Digitek ID:11

119. Seat, Peugeot, Piaggio bikes immobox Marelli

125. Yamaha scooter ECU Mitsuba

132. Aprilia scooter dashboard Digitek

133. Kawasaki bikes Mitsubishi

192. Piaggio bikes ECU

194. Piaggio, Gilera bikes

199. Moto Gucci dashboard Digitek

247. Ducati bikes dashboard Digitek ID:12

311. Agusta Brutale dashboard

313. KTM bikes immobox

339. Ducati Panigale immobox ZADI

345. Piaggio bikes ECU

352. KTM Bikes Zadi Type 2

378. Kawasaki switch Asahi Denso

380. Ducati Dashboard MTA

391. KTM Bikes immobox Zadi Type 3 4d60

395. Agusta Brutale Dashboard type 2 4d60

408. Kawasaki ECU Denso Type 2 ID62

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