BMW CAS 2 and 3 Smart Pro Key Programming Software ADS2263

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What does the software do?
BMW CAS 2 and 3 software is designed to program aftermarket slot key / remotes with push button start for vehicles fitted with CAS 2 and 3 modules worldwide. The remote and the transponder are programmed at the same time and the Smart Aerial is required during the procedure to program the key. A pincode or a working key are not required, and additional keys can be added without deleting existing keys.

Currently, this software is not available for purchase and is available to use on UTP and token plans only. If you are on a token plan, one token is deducted for programming.
This software is available on Smart Pro only.

Note: This current Smart Pro release does not cover some models
from 2008 onwards that have undergone a BMW® security update to
CAS 3+ software. The Smart Pro will alert the user that the vehicle is
not compatible during the procedure, no changes will be made to the
vehicle security system.

Please see the application list below for vehicle coverage or on Info Quest.

Note: This software is available for Smart Pro only.


The following items are required in order to use this software:

Supported Vehicles:

2005-2011 BMW 1 Series (Slot Key)
2004-2011 BMW 3 Series (Slot Key)
2003-2010 BMW 5 Series (Slot Key)
2003-2005 BMW 5 Series (Bladed Key)


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