Autek Software for Ford 2018+ and Toyota G and H chip



Please add your serial number.

This is an add-on software for the Autek IKEY820 key programmer
The new software supports the following:
  • 2018+ FORD keyed ignition - Add Key + All Keys Lost
  • 2018+ FORD Prox Key - Add Key only (without erasing first)
  • Toyota G and H chip Immo Reset - All keys Lost (No internet is needed)

Please provide serial number of the IKEY820 when placing an order.

AUTEK IKEY820 Key Features:

  • Supports almost all vehicles in the world
  • Do not need pin codes when programming keys for many vehicles
  • Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pin code from other place
  • No tokens required. You can program as many cars as you can.
  • Frequent monthly updates
  • Low price to meet the economic crisis, cost-effective. 
  • Dedicated Facebook forum for tech support 



Tech Support: available in the key820 Facebook forum

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