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ASP P-31-100 Universal Brass Spring Various Applications - 100 pcs

SKU: ASP-P-31-100


ASP P-31-100 Universal Brass Spring Various Applications:

  • BMW using 4-track keys (keying kit A-13-103)
  • BMW (deadlocking door locks only) using X144 type keys (keying kit A-13-102)
  • British Cars ignition locks using X51 / AA2, X29 / VO73 keys
  • Land Rover, Range Rover, Sterling using X170 type keys (keying kit A-14-101)
  • Jaguar using X177 type keys (keying kit A-14-103)
  • Mercedes-Benz, BMW, General Motors, Eagle, Daewoo, Suzuki, Saturn (keying kit A-13-101)
  • Mercedes-Benz – old 2-track locks (keying kit A-21-102)
  • Mercedes-Benz - 4-track locks (keying kit A-21-103)
  • Mercedes-Benz – new 2-track (keying kit A-21-104)
  • Mercedes-Benz. Dodge, Freightliner Sprinter door locks, using YM15 and similar keys (keying kit A-21-106)
  • Ford Europe, Merkur TX code series (X86 keys) (keying kit A-18-107)
  • Land Rover, Ford Europe using 2-track keys (keying kit A-18-111)
  • Pontiac GTO using 2-track keys (keying kit A-23-102)
  • Saturn Astra using internal 2-track keys (keying kit A-23-103)
  • Porsche using keys PO5, PO7, A81L, A81M, etc
  • Porsche 928 using HF55 type keys
  • Saab using X55 / SAA2 type keys
  • Saab using 2-track keys S32YSP / YM30P, etc
  • Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche ignition locks using 73VB, V33, V37 and similar keys
  • Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche door & luggage locks – using 73VB, V33, V37 and similar keys
  • Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mini Cooper using internal 2-track keys (HU66 type)
  • Volkswagen using VW67, VW71 & similar keys ignition locks
  • Volkswagen some door locks (wide tumblers) using VW67, VW71, & similar keys
  • Volvo using VO73, VO73S and similar keys ignition locks, some door & luggage locks
  • Volvo 4-track keys
  • Volvo 2-track keys – S60HFP type
  • General Motors (locks made by Ortech) Glove compartment & stowage locks


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