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ASP D-19-112 Honda Door Lock RH - Coded

SKU: ASP-D-19-112



ASP D-19-112 Honda Door Lock

Complete lock RH

Use tumbler series P-19-141/146

Other Part: DL4825U

Key Blank Cross-reference: X195/HD98, HD98-NP, X193/HD96, X214/HD103, X195, HD98


1996-1998 Isuzu Oasis
1997-1999 Acura CL
1994-2001 Acura Integra*
1995-1998 Acura TL
1990-1997 Honda Accord**
1995-1998 Honda Odyssey


*without correct pawl. If original pawl cannot be reused, use P-19-311 (RH) or P-19-312 (LH)

**Use face cap P-19-215 (on handle)


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