Andromeda Research Labs PPS8 Precision Probe Set




Precision Probe Set (#PPS8)
The Precision Probe Set provides the automotive locksmith with a connection option for
microcontrollers and eeproms with extremely small leads. Eight color coded probes,
each the size of a sewing needle, have tiny jaws which open to easily grip the leads of a 64 PIN
QFP part such as a SAAB TWICE or Chrysler Crossfire. Not just for microcontrollers, the Precision Probe Set also allows you to connect to the super small MSOP (Micro Small Outline Package) parts which are found in SUBARU and Mitsubishi modules. Each Precision Probe is fabricated using teflon coated surgical steel. This allows the probes to touch without risking a short which is essential when working with tightly spaced leads. The Precision Probe Set is compatible with both Locksmith Kit#1 (#KLS-1) and Locksmith Kit#2 (#KLS-2).

Includes: 8 color coded probes, the cable plus a protective storage case.

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