Advanced Diagnostics Smart Aerial Cable ADC242

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Smart Aerial cable is to be used with the Smart Dongle+MVP and new Smart Pro programming tools.

It provides the ability to write pre-coding data onto various vehicle transponders.

Smart Aerial is able to pre-code Fiat and VAG transponders from the electronic pre-coding stored in the vehicle and then write the pre-code data onto a blank transponder.

  • Pre-code data onto ID48 and ID46 transponders
  • Connect via Smart Dongle
  • Programming device and applicable software required
  • Automatic Configuration
  • Plug and Play

ADS231, ADS258 Fiat® (ID46), ADS219 VAG® (ID48) software required


Transponder Pre-Coding
Simplify, streamline and reduce the overall time for programming keys by minimizing the use of additional pre-coding tools.

Automatic Configuration
Ready to use; automatically configures with Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle and programming Devices

Data Reading and Writing
Pre-coding data is seamlessly read and automatically written onto a blank transponder. Simply connect the Smart Aerial to a Smart Dongle that is used with an Advanced Diagnostics programming device, and insert the key into the dedicated key slot to begin the process.

Pre-code Fiat® and VAG®
Smart Aerial can pre-code data onto ID48 and ID46 transponders found within various automotive keys. The pincode reading software (ADS185 and ADS219) must be installed on the programming device before these transponders.

Lightweight and Portable
Easy to transport and compact enough to fit into your tool kit.

Technical Data:

Antenna frequency (key slot): 125 khz
Connection: via Smart Dongle Port
Dimensions: Length: 7.28” (185 mm),
Width: 1.73” (44 mm), Depth: 1.06” (27 mm)
Weight: .27 lbs. (124 g)

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How to Update the Smart Aerial for Your ADUSA SmartPro Programmer:

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