Advanced Diagnostics Hyundai / Kia Pincode Read Software ADS-190SD (to

Advanced Diagnostics Hyundai / Kia Pincode Read Software ADS-190SD (to use with Smart Dongle Only)



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Hyundai / Kia Pincode Read Software ADS190SD (to use with Smart Dongle Only)

This software specifically designed for Smart Dongle has been enhanced with greater coverage by adding pincode reading capability via the OBD port on various Hyundai® / Kia® vehicles with the 17 digit VIN.

This software update enhances the current capability for pincode reading on certain vehicles (refer to applications list) enabling locksmiths to complete the key programming procedure using ADS147 software.


ADS190SD provides the pincode reading capability for:

• Pre 2007 vehicles - using last 6 digits of the VIN

• Post 2007 vehicles - conversion from the complete 17 digit VIN

Note: Pincode reading for post 2007 vehicles is not 100%)


Requirements for programming keys for Hyundai / Kia vehicles:

1. ADS147 Software

2. ADS190SD software

3. Smart Dongle

4. ADC250 or ADC251 cable

5. Programming devices

New Hyundai® /Kia® vehicles will be added to ADS190SD. To keep up to date with the latest additions - please visit Info Quest via the AD website.

Please note: if you already have ADC190 dongle, you can get ADS190SD software free of charge when you purchase Smart Dongle.



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