Advanced Diagnostics Software ADS-267 Mazda Models from 2017 and Up

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ADS267 key programming software is covering various Mazda® models from 2017 onwards worldwide.

  • This is Software Category B
  • No dependent software is required
  • Requires Smart Dongle for Programming

ADS267 software programs proximity keys for selected Mazda® vehicles with push
button start. This software allows keys to be added or programmed from a lost key
situation. The software has been designed to bypass the pincode automatically in
the background, making it a seamless process when programming keys.
The remote fob programming is performed automatically as part of the procedure
when using ADS267.

For vehicles with Proximity System:

CX - 3 (2017+)
CX - 5 (2017+)
CX - 9 (2017+)
Fiat 124 (2017+)
Mazda 2 (2017+)
Mazda 3 (2017+)
Mazda 6 (2017+)
Mazda MX5 (2017+)

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