Advanced Diagnostics ADS-258 ADS-2258 Fiat 2016 Software (Cat A)

Advanced Diagnostics ADS-258 ADS-2258 Fiat 2016 Software (Cat A)

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ADS258 key programming software now includes pincode reading and precoding for the Fiat® 500 and various other models. For an improved, time saving and streamlined procedure, precoding can be performed seamlessly in the background using the Smart Aerial and Smart Dongle, enabling the locksmith to precode a blank transponder without having to switch to another device or tool. Customers that have not purchased the Smart Aerial have the option of using Silca RW4 Plus/Fast Copy Plus and the ADC243 cable for precoding.

MVP Pro users: one token will be deducted for precoding and one for key programming.

Requirements for programming keys for Fiat 2016 vehicles:

1. ADS258 Software (ADS-258, ADS2258, ADS-2258)

2. ADC250 or ADC251 cable

3. Smart Dongle and Smart Aerial ( or RW4 Plus/Fast Copy Plus + ADC243 Cable)

4. Software Category A

5. Other software required: ADS-181

6. Programming unit: Pro Tester

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