Advanced Diagnostics ADC-243 Connecting Cable



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Advanced Diagnostics ADC243 Cable is designed for Connecting Ilco EZ®-Clone / RW4 Plus to AD Pro Tester. The two devices can now be easily connected using the ADC243 cable.

This cable allows to transfer precode key data automatically from the AD Pro tester to a new transponder via the Ilco EZ®-Clone/ RW4 Plus.

This is a perfect accessory for those customers who use the Ilco EZ®-Clone/ RW4 Plus and also have an AD Pro Tester and Smart Dongle.

This is an alternative solution for those locksmiths who have not purchased a Smart Aerial for precoding transponders using Ilco & AD devices.


  • Ilco EZ®-Clone / RW4 Plus Software Version 3.2.08
  • Pro Tester Software Version 12.32
  • Smart Dongle Software Version 1.1.5
  • Ideal for existing Ilco EZ®-Clone / RW4 Plus users
  • 3.2.08 RW4 Plus software included with cable
  • Perfect for Fiat® Group vehicles
  • Plug & play use
  • No need to manually enter precode key data

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