Advanced Diagnostics ADC-222 VAG Force Ignition Tool for VW Beetle

SKU: ADC-222



The Force Ignition Tool provides auto locksmiths the ability to force the ignition on the Volkswagen Beetle 2006-2010 in North America via the OBD2 socket when a key is unavailable. It can also be used in conjunction with Smart Aerial on the Volkswagen Beetle to force the ignition on during the pre-coding process.

The Force Ignition Tool is a versatile plug and play tool. Simply plug it into the vehicle’s OBD port and then plug your ADC-250 master cable and pro tester into the ADC-222. ADC-222 automatically supplies an ignition feed via the OBD socket without the need for a key. You can read the pincode with the MVP Pro or AD100 Pro prior to cutting a key.
  • 16 Pin OBD Connector
  • ADC250 Connector
  • No external power source required
  • Compatible with MVPPro and TCode Pro Key Programmers
  • Connects to vehicle via OBD Socket
  • Ignition on allows for pincode reading (selected vehicles)
  • User friendly and easy to use




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